What are diverticula?

Are deformations that occur primarily in the intestine (also in the stomach) in the form of bags of gloves from the light out, because it weakens the intestinal wall.

There are two stages:

Diverticulosis: presence of diverticula without inflammation.

Diverticulitis: when there is inflammation of the diverticulum.

Diverticulitis associated with obesity is a disease to be treated from the feed point through diverticulitis diet plan and overweight. Using lists to control the inflammation of diverticula and lose kilos can implement the diet and thereby improve your health.

Remember that diverticulitis is not forever, you can try and improve. Are often periods are triggered, perhaps for reasons of anxiety, worry or stress, in addition to disordered eating habits.

In the acute phase of the process, or in diverticulitis, you should leave the bowel at rest. Then when the swelling goes away, you have to use residue-free diet plan for diverticulitis(see food choices menu listed)

Incorporate high-fiber foods at first cooked and in small portions. After a good tolerance with them, you should include fiber, such as whole grains (oats, rice, wheat products) and wheat bran and oat.

Avoid the seeds of tomato, zucchini, grapes, kiwi, etc., Which produce inflammation TE.

The inclusion of fiber must be paid in installments. This is to prevent constipation.



* CONSISTENCY: Make it easy to digest.

* TEMPERATURE: WARM. (Avoid extreme temperatures that cause the rapid passage of liquid food.

* FIBER: Initially food without fiber. Then a few selected and divided over the day.

* TASTE AND AROMA: mild and pleasant, non-irritating, or exciting.


* Milk and yogurt.

In the light teas, desserts, white sauce diet, in puddings, souffles.

* CHEESE: SOFT SPREADS: type Saavedra, Garcia, Mendicrim diet, Ricotta.

COMPACT: cool guy: Those with the lowest percentage of fat (up to 4%). I recommend the Veronica fat.

Spreads or dressings, trying to avoid roasting.

* EGG: It will depend exclusively on the individual. But keep in mind that this food is not responsible for the increased blood cholesterol. It is advisable to consume cooked in whole.

* Meat: lean white initially. Skinless chicken, fish of the sea: sea bass, hake, sea chicken, salmon, mackerel, etc.

Subdivided into mince cooked in meat loaf, splashing, home made burgers.


First strained broth and cooked vegetables then test the first to the last recommended one at a time.

Squash, beets, squash, carrots, zucchini pulp, potato and sweet potato.

Then: tomato and eggplant pulp, palm hearts, asparagus tips, artichoke bottom, tender green beans without strings and without beans.

Puree, pudding, soufflé.


Like vegetables. Broth first, then:

Grated apple, banana ripens and footfall. Then pulp of pear, peach and apricot.

* Pasta: Simple, if they are filled only with the foods allowed and without the addition of strong spices.

* CEREAL: First non-integral then the integral tolerance test, when there is inflammation.

* PAN: White German or French type after comprehensive testing tolerance.

Oven dry with door open to aid digestion.

* COOKIES: First of water. Look at the label that have a lower percentage of fat and believes that they have no trans fats, saturated fats.

* SUGAR: At first not indicated. Then incorporated according to tolerance. If you want to lose weight this is not a good resource, it is important to stop, sugar is not good for your diet plan. Also considers it a food. Provides empty calories, that means “without the input of plant nutrients.”

* Sweets: Jellies, allowed fruit pulp, honey. If you want to lose weight reduces the amount.

* OIL: Pure Vegetable: sunflower, grape, and olive. NOT for frying.

* CREAM OF MILK AND BUTTER: According to the content or blood cholesterol. Do not use modified by heat. Remember that although on the market that have no trans fat (the bad, which increase blood cholesterol), saturated fats.

* JELLY: Allowed.

* DRINKS: plain water, or mineral, without excitement, wines, fruit juices and smoothies allowed.

Amargo Serrano, Cepita allowed fruit and very thin.

* Calder home vegetable plants and defatted allowed.

* TEA: LIGHT. Tea, mate, herbal teas, chamomile, peppermint, Boldo, decaffeinated coffee.

* SPICES: Basil, saffron, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, curry, herbs, bay leaf, mustard, nutmeg, oregano, apple cider vinegar.

NO: red pepper, garlic, pepper and paprika, wine vinegar.



* Chew well and eat slowly.

* PAY ATTENTION TO TOLERANCE AND STAGES (diverticulitis or diverticulosis)

The cause of diverticulosis is a diet too low in fiber. The prevention of the condition should therefore seek to redress that balance. The diverticulitis diet plan should be well balanced, but includes high fiber foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I’m sure you’ve heard that before the mention of a healthy diet plan. Such a diet can help prevent a number of chronic diseases.

A fiber supplement can be helpful. I have used psyllium for more than a decade, and find it an excellent source of soft fiber, and to cleanse the digestive system is ideal, as the psyllium forms a gel like texture when mixed with water.

The water itself plays an important role diet plan in producing a soft stool, especially when mixed with the fiber. So, you should have plenty of water in your diverticulitis diet. Throw in half an hour exercise a day, and bowel and digestive system should keep fit.

Note that this list of diet plan for weight loss and control of diverticulitis should be implemented by one or two weeks until you are well again. Then you have to incorporate a bit of fiber, first subdivided and then unchanged, i.e. through fruits and vegetables, as is the menu for diverticulosis and obesity.

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